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Friday 23rd Nov. Sally and Erik at Souk Libya, NW of Khartoum. The mountains in the background are the limit of the city and once past the checkpoint there it's 350 kms of desert until we meet the Nile again; hard going too as it is uphill, would you believe it, and into the wind. Rob who took the photo is training for Kilimanjaro and is rather unused to cycling. Shortly after the photo he suddenly jumped into the ditch and took his trousers down. I assumed it was a severe case of Khartoum chaos belly and he would not be with us for much longer, but no, he was whipping off his underwear to prevent saddlesores. The people passing got views of a hawaga (foreigner) from unacustomed angles. Strange for Erik because we are not only his friends but teachers at his school ­ Sudan is a great leveller.

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